The bully and the boy.

I read a lot of blogs. I mean A LOT. I comment on quite a few of them, with fairly regular consistency. A couple of years ago now, when I started blogging, I didn’t have a real purpose in mind. I just wanted somewhere that I could write, vent or let some of my crazy out into the world without actually having to have a real conversation with people. For me, blogging lets me hide. It lets me spill whatever is on my mind, it lets me lay it out and then it lets me retreat back into my “normal” self, while feeling that even if nothing has come of it, I’ve said my piece.

There are blogs that I read, that on a day-to-day basis break my heart. The things some families face, and deal with are beyond comprehension. I am horrified by the way people treat other people. I am afraid, truly, for the future of my children in a world where beautiful, amazing mothers like Tanis, from “Attack of the Redneck Mommy” have to write that post.

Not only have this family lost their own son, their precious “bug” , but they then went on to adopt a new son. A son that has the perfect heart, the perfect spirit and the perfect personality, trapped inside a body so brutally broken by those who should have been his protectors. The true fighter, is Jumby, not his family. But what they chose to do for him, in the wake of the loss of their own very special, very loved son is what makes this family so unique, and so special.

If only people would stop seeing what sits on the outside. If only people would stop rejecting other people purely based on their appearance, on a misconception, on what they assume. Then amazing families like this, wouldn’t have to write posts like this one. This post breaks my heart. I strongly suggest, you go and read it now. And then the next time you see someone, who isn’t the same as you make that attempt to reach out – take them by the hand. Don’t let another person go by in the street feeling ignored, or not good enough. The world has enough bullies, and enough injustices.

And really, how hard is it to smile?

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4 Responses to The bully and the boy.

  • sera says:

    it still shocks me how people can be cruel to a baby, but it does give me hope that there are peopl eout there that will always do the right thing and be a voice when there is no voice loud enough to hear….


  • Amber says:

    I don’t understand that at all, all children are a gift damn it, why can’t people see that! All children deserve more then that, they deserve love and respect!. I am so angry for that boy, I read all the links, my heart broke, I cried. His “birth givers” are monsters.
    In all my life I have never looked at a child differently if they are disabled. The people who used to live next door to us had a friend who’s child was just like her little boy, I remember when I first met her, I thought she was beautiful, I can still remember her, she is still beautiful.

    Thank you for posting this. Tanis Is a beautiful, amazing woman.


  • cabsav1968 says:

    I am speechless. I just can’t find any words that might do justice to this beautiful woman, or her son. If only her words could be sent around the world: printed in every newspaper; sent to everybody via email; taught in every school. How has our world come to this? Actually, it’s always been like this. The human race needs to wake up to itself. Now.


  • Ron Tedwater says:

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