Getting back on the horse

First of all – for the ton of supportive emails, Thank you so so much. To the people who commented (on both posts), thank you too. I love you for it. I had to moderate the Failing at life post quite heavily. Not because I was being attacked, but because of some of the really uncalled for things that were being said about my friends. I won’t publish the sorts of comments that those were. Calling into question their character, sexuality and other horrendous things is not appropriate. I will continue to delete them. Please stop.

Moving forward…

1. Getting back on the horse is never easy. If the horse has broken your legs and crushed your spirit, it may take some time. Be patient.

2. The easiest way to try and hurt someone is to tell them you don’t love them anymore. The best way to piss that person off is to tell them you love them anyway.

3. Sexual abuse is never ok. Often times young victims of schoolyard sexual abuse won’t speak up because they are scared they will blow a bad situation out into something even worse. Mir wants teens to get loud, and get mad.  - read her awesome post at Off Our Chests (while you’re there, read this one too) and start having the conversation with your kids. It’s important, and one day it might save their lives.

4. Since we moved into this house, I’ve mostly loved it. I love the amazing breezes, the layout suits us and while I really don’t like the stairs most of the time, the bedrooms are big and breezy and we’ve been very happy here. That being said there is one single part of my kitchen that I hate. It’s not immediately obvious and it’s not a big thing but it causes me to tear my hair out on a weekly basis. That bloody corner. All the crap from the kitchen floor migrates into that corner, because it knows neither the vacuum nor the mop will fit in it. It taunts me.

Honestly today, this is all I have. I know it’s crap. But I never promised I’d write a thesis – just that I’d write something. Here is my something.

And for Aiming Low -


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