To simplify, get lazy.

I am simplifying my life. For too long I’ve followed the ‘a lot is good, more is better’ philosophy and you know something? It is bloody exhausting! Trying to keep up with friends, family, work, outside relationships, and trying to be everything to every one while never having enough time to be enough for myself is too much work. Sure the pay off might be good, lots of great relationships, feeling valued and appreciated, and generally feeling like I know what I’m striving for.

But I think a little more mystery, and a little less stress is in order. You don’t have to eliminate a lot but eliminating the most frustrating or most hated parts make a big, big difference in changing an existance into a life.

I was raised to have a clean house. Not spotless, because really, Mum knew which battles to fight and though she would have loved it to be spotless I think at some point she realized asking for neat and hygienic was as good as it gets. I’m happy to say generally my house is clean. Spotless? Oh god no.

I have to learn to be kind to myself. Running out of the house every morning thinking about the mess that i’ve left behind isn’t conducive to a stress free start to the day. Matt actually doesn’t care what the house looks like each day. He would much rather we were all happy – yet daily I stress about the state of the house, what I need to get done when I get home or before I go to bed each night. The washing was the bane of my existence. I hate folding it, putting it away and don’t even get me started on ironing. So, in an effort to make my life easier I’ve gotten lazy.

I bought four large washing baskets at a cost of about $4 each, all with different coloured handles. Each person in this house is allocated  a basket and the washing gets sorted into it. And then it gets left there – want something? Dig for it.

It may not look pretty, but everyone knows where their stuff is and the best part – I’m not up at night folding and putting it all away. And I don’t have to think about it, because once it’s in the allocated basket I don’t care anymore!

My happiness ranking has gone up by about ten percent. Totally worth it.

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