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My life is a Netflix adaptation of my Dreams

My life is a Netflix adaptation of my Dreams published on

Honestly trying to juggle everything is such a pain! Do what makes you happy, you’ve only got one life. I remember a while ago going to a doctor and the doctor telling me my blood pressure was so high that if I was older I’d likely be at high risk of a heart attack. They said I had options, reduce stress or reduce caffeine and red meat. Back then I went vegetarian and switch to caffeine free tea (I would leave a box at friends and family’s places to make sure that I could still visit and take part in the usual cuppa when being social). Eventually after stress completely destroyed my body I decided enough was enough, I came out of the closet, found an easy job I knew I could excel at the would stop at 17:00 daily and started picking up things that I really enjoyed again. I’ve never looked back!