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Terms of Service


1. Payment only accepted in GBP and via paypal. 

2. Payment must be received in full before the commission is started 

3. Commission will only be started after payment 

4. Additional payments for revisions must be paid in full before the artist proceeds with the commission 


1. Full refunds will only be given before the start of the commission 

2. Commissioners have 24 hours to ask for a partial refund once the artist has started the work. The refund  amount will be reduced based on the amount of work completed. 


1. The commissioner must own all the characters in the piece for the artist to draw them. If not, the artist must  receive written consent from the owner of that character to be able to start the commission 2. The artist will not draw the following content: 

a. NSFW (Sexual situations, lewd images, gore, abuse etc.) 

b. Canon characters existing in games, shows, cartoons etc. without the original character creators  written permission. OC from the same universe is fine, as long as the commissioner owns the  character. 


1. The artist (unfortunately) has a day job, so please do not spam them excessively, they will let you know a  time frame that you commission will be completed, if there are any delays the artist will let you know and  offer refunds if the piece cannot be completed for reasons outside the artists or commissioners control. 2. The commissioner must use English to the best of their ability. 

3. When communicating with the artist please avoid aggressive behaviour and slurs regarding race, sexuality or  gender. 

4. The commissioner may not haggle on price, otherwise their commission will be rejected. 


1. The commissioner does not own the commissioned artwork(s); they are paying for the service of its creation.  The artist owns the rights to the artwork(s), and can choose to display it in public galleries or not at all. 2. The commissioner must show respect towards the artist at all times. If the artist feels they are being  disrespected in any way, they will issue a single warning to cease. If the disrespect persisted, the commission  will be terminated with a partial refund, if any at all, and deny the offending party any future services. 3. When submitting the commissioned artwork to a public space, the commissioner must ask for explicit  written permission to alter, transform, edit or copy it. 

4. The commission may be subject to delays and time limits, though the artist will warn the commissioner if  this occurs. 

5. The artist reserves the right to refuse services at any time. 

6. Commissions are for personal, non-commercial use by the commissioner only unless otherwise stated. This  means the commissioner cannot redistribute the artwork for future profit. 

7. The commissioner may contact the artist at any time regarding the commission 

8. The commissioner may request work in progress images at any time, though the artist will automatically  provide such images at regular intervals.

April Hooley 2021