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"Why do Tom and Sue look the same age as when they passed away?" Sarah asked. "Well, when a spirit visits here they look the same as they did when they were happiest in life" Lily replied. "Tom and Sue are happiest as long as they are together, so nothing has changed."

Floating through space, his oxygen running low, he stared into the pin-pricked void. Each pin-prick a galaxy, a star, a planet, a place he'd never get to see. He contemplated his training. He knew how this was going to end. The worst thing, however, was how much his nose itches.

This account is a collection of short unrelated stories, all 280 characters or under. Letters and punctuation I mean. A tweet can't really contain a story of 280 characters. Unless it was "280 people, all named Dave, and all with different personality quirks, fought. Dave won."

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