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Social Feeds!

Social Feeds! published on No Comments on Social Feeds!

@Warcraft uh, as a teenager, drunk, a friend convinced me to try, apparently I tried typing "rich" as my name and when it told me that was unavailable i *replied* oh okay mate, so I started with Ohokaymate the human warlock :')

Twitch just added a artist Badge so fest like a good time to shout out our main Emote creator and artist @NearlyNotQuiteG drop them a follow if your nto already she does some great work.

Once upon a Monday dreary, whilst I worked, and writing query,
Drinking tea and hoping that this wouldn't take forevermore --
A tip tip tapping came from my keyboard, a worried cry came from Teams poured,
"Ti's all gone!" the data, gone and no longer more

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